Our vision

Domfris is a sustainable streetwear brand, with unique designs and a thoughtful production process. Made entirely from organic, environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

The story of Domfris starts with the shared passion of 2 brothers. They both are absolute sneaker and streetwear fans. However, they noticed that there weren’t any sustainable streetwear brands, that made outstanding designs; the kind of streetwear the brothers loved wearing themselves most.

So, instead of buying the latest wear from other non-sustainable brands they created their own wear. Streetwear with an unique and creative appearance, made under sustainable conditions.

And this passion is what shines through. From the design process all the way to sending the packages. Every step along the way is tenderly cared for. So that you can enjoy a piece of art, while contributing to a better world.

That’s the Domfris promise.


Did you know that?!

Domfris sustainable clothing:

  • 91% less water consumption during production than with “regular cotton”. And 80% of the water used is rain fed water.
  • No use of toxic chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions to your skin, in the cotton you wear. Organic cotton is safer for the skin and wearing it may even dissolve skin irritations.
  • 70% less chance of acidification of the soil on which the cotton is grown.
  • Much healthier working conditions for cotton farmers due to the absence of toxins.
  • Better financial compensation for the cotton farmers, often with the FAIRTRADE standards.
  • 62% less energy consumption during production.
  • 60% less nitrogen emissions during production.
  • Organic cotton is hand-picked instead of with machines, which prevents the cotton fibers from being damaged. As a result, products made from organic cotton are generally softer, stronger and last longer than products made from “regular cotton”.
  • Less than 1% of all cotton worldwide is produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.
  • Sustainable clothing is an accessible way to help with the climate problem.


Recycled packaging
Domfris only uses recycled materials for its packaging. Almost all of this is paper or cardboard, the use of plastic is avoided wherever possible. In addition, all packaging materials are printed with water-based ink, which contributes to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly production process.

Responsible materials
Our art and display line uses FSC certified wood.
This means that the materials are obtained from responsible forestry. Our display line also uses high-quality recycled plexiglas, for a super clear and responsible design.